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Junk Vehicle Disposal

Due to the drop in scrap prices and the cost to dispose of gasoline and tires we will be charging for junk vehicles as of 06/30/2017.

If the vehicle has been registered in Juneau you are eligible for the CBJ round up, through the program it will be free to drop off the vehicle. If you do not meet the requirements for the CBJ program you will be subject to the disposal fee.

How It Works

Vehicles are accepted during our regular business hours, no appointment is necessary. 

Please completely fill out the form and write name, address, and VIN clearly. Let the DMV know you recycled your vehicle and take the vehicle's title there. 

All vehicles must be cleaned out and have no more than four tires with one spare. We will not accept the vehicle if it is not cleaned out or it has extra tires!

Registered owner & Juneau resident

There is no fee for disposal. You will need to fill out the CBJ owner responsibility form, it is available at the Skookum office or below as a PDF. 

City Program owner responsibility form:

cbj.veh form.pdf (PDF — 323 KB)

Non registered owner and commercial vehicles

The charge for disposal is $525 + tax. You will need to fill out the Skookum owner responsibility form which is below as a PDF or at the Skookum Recycling office.

Skookum owner responsibility form:

For Vehicle Towing:

We recommend Sid Alaska Auto Towing (907) 780-4767

1725 ANKA ST.

JUNEAU, AK 99801

Business Hours

Tues - Sat: 8AM - 5PM

Sun & Mon: Closed 

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